Increase your voter knowledge! The below shows a comparison between the 66th District candidates values and principles.

Kentucky Candidate Information Survey;
Question Stacie Earl C. Ed Massey Comments on the candidates statement
State lawmakers need to continue to implement common sense regulations on abortion in Kentucky.


AGREE. I am pro-life and oppose abortion.”

Stacie Earl is endorsed by NKy Right to Life.

C.Ed answers pro-life, but donates to Jack Conway and Hillary Clinton:
Who does that ?

Public schools should allow students to use bathrooms and locker rooms in accordance with their chosen gender identity.

You can have private bathrooms or use bathrooms  that  match your DNA.”

Privacy  protections  must  be  implemented. This  additional  cost  is  a  concern.”

WHAT ?????
Boone Cty School Board Chair C. Ed undecided on whether genetic males should dress with females in girls locker rooms?

Leaders should make reforming Kentucky’s antiquated tax system a top priority.

C. Ed Massey has a 20-year record of increasing  taxes  (through his votes) on school board.”

Revenue is essential but must be fair to all.”

C.Ed is clear: he will continue his record of raising taxes (revenue) every chance he gets.

Illegal immigrants should be prohibited from obtaining driver’s licenses and other government documents.

Supports Trump’s immigration laws.”

We need appropriate policies concerning immigrants.”

Earl supports Trump’s immigration policies.
Can your believe it:
he says he’s Republican but C.Ed undecided on immigration laws?

List your top three priorities should you be elected. 1. Education: quality for students, less admin

2. Protect unborn

3. Reduce taxes and fees.

1. Education: this is fundamental for Ky

2. Health care: affordable access for all citizens

3. Courts: adequate  funding for courts of justice.

Protecting the unborn does not even make one of C.Ed’s top 3 priorities. Protecting Life must be way down his list for C.Ed Massey to donate to Hillary Clinton!

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