Stacie is a parent, a native to Boone County for over 30 years, and former business owner in Boone County.

Growing up, Stacie’s family instilled the values that helped her become the person she is today. Through hard work, education and a great investment of time, Stacie has become a successful career woman and a valuable member of her community.

Together with her friends, family and supporters, the decision was made to take this journey to the next phase. Stacie is asking for your support in fighting this battle of corruption, and will do everything in her power to lead the charge! This is not just Stacie’s journey because together we can make a better tomorrow for our children, grandchildren and the future generations to come.

Taking Action

I experienced first hand the corruption and lack of accountability in our Government, when I tried to remove my 7th grader from an illegally implemented program at Camp Ernst Middle School.  I worked with parent groups at Camp Ernst and other local schools (that were using the same unevaluated program), other districts, other states, our Governor’s office, Secretary of Education, Education of Accountability Office, Kentucky Department of Education, Education Professional Standards Board,, local Senator and State Representative, local reporters, Bluegrass Institute, ACLJ (American Center for Law and Justice) and several individuals with in the The Tea Party.  My daughter and I endured retaliation from the school. I removed my child and home schooled her, only to find that her education, in general was inadequate, especially when it came to civics and government (by design?!). The outcome of all of this work was a write up for two Principals and the Superintendent. They were remanded to more training and continued to expand this egregious program.

The program (Summit Personalized Learning) takes away the traditional classroom. The teacher is now a mentor with a 10 min. meeting session with each child, per week, to goal them through the material.

“No more stand up delivery, we are not spoon feeding your child”-  Principal Hagerty at Camp Ernst Middle School.

This program was created in a Charter school in California and programed by Facebook engineers, funded by Zuckerberg and Gates.  This was the first year “tried” in a public school. The biggest difference would be the class sizes. The Charter schools only had 10-15 students per class compared to our public school 25-30. The program is all online, students are 1:1 chromebooks, meaning they all have their own computer.  They can move at their own pace through a globalist agenda curriculum, that the ACLJ threatened to sue the schools if they didn’t remove a large section that was indoctrinating Islam and cited Camp Ernst for censorship of parents. The contracts with Summit PLP state they can change the curriculum at any time, steal teachers material that they upload into it, and collect and share data as they deem necessary. After much research, trying to understand why this was called personalized learning, other than self paced, I found it was through data they collected that they were able to change what material children learn.  The data allows them to monitor the children, use predictive analytics and use our children as human capital. The write ups done by the OEA stated that they believed this program violated FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act). These are some other issues brought forward by parents, concerning this program:

  • Students only have to answer 8 out 10 questions correctly to move on to the next chapter.  They take the quiz as many times as needed to move on. Some students were finished with the 7th grade in 8 weeks of school because they never read the material, they just requested the assessments.
  • Students with learning disabilities struggle with sitting at a computer all day and the teachers are not able to spend adequate time to help them get through the material.
  • The information in the History section was incorrect/not factual
  • Violation of Students and Parents privacy through data collection and surveys.
  • and indoctrinates students.
  • Screen time is more than what Pediatricians recommend.
  • When a parent, teacher, or student voice dissatisfaction with the program, they are retaliated on.

*This is just some, but not all the issues. For more information, check out posts on Facebook Page: Concerned Parents Boone County, KY.


Combine my personal experience with the corrupt backroom deal between Ed Massey (Republican Candidate for State Rep. District 66) and Addia Wuchner (current State Rep. District 66), you will understand my passion for wanting our state back and therefore challenging Ed Massey, in the General Election!

I look forward to discussing the future of our state and earning your vote, in the General Election, Tuesday, November 6, 2018.