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October 21, 2018
Contact: Emily Shelton 859-586-9207

Stacie Earl demands C. Ed Massey apologize to student!

Burlington, KY: C. Ed Massey, a Hillary Clinton donor who cut a secret deal to get on the Republican ballot without a race, now wants to disqualify Right-to-Life endorsed candidate Stacie  Earl, who is supported by many conservatives in Boone County, including democrats, independents and republicans.

“Having cut a deal to avoid a primary opponent, my opponent is afraid of a free and fair general election,” stated Ms. Earl.

While it should come as no surprise, Stacie’s faux republican opponent hired a liberal ACTBLUE supporting attorney to file a lawsuit that seeks to disqualify registered voters who signed Ms. Earl’s ballot petition in the hope of depriving all voters in State House District 66 of a real choice. Like his secret deal in the primary, C. Ed Massey is attempting to win the general election using dirty political tactics and underhanded legal maneuvers to eliminate his opposition.

Sadly, one of the registered voters in the district that Stacie’s opponent called out as invalid is a college student who registered when he was 17 years old.

“As an attorney and school board member who is supposed to be a youth advocate, C.Ed Massey should know better than to condemn a duly qualified voter who happens to be a student,” said Stacie. “In fact, Kentucky law explicitly allows young men and women who will turn 18 before an election to register in advance of their birthday. This young man should be praised, not condemned.”

In light of this fact, Ms. Earl is demanding that C. Ed Massey admit he is wrong and publicly apologize to this young man.

“It is one thing for my opponent to bully me – who happens to be a mother with a child in the school district he represents – but it is another when a long-time school board member like C. Ed Massey condemns high school students for being engaged citizens. I only hope parents and teachers recognize his bad behavior and vote him out of public office for good!”

Ms. Earl is confident that the required number of registered voters signed her petition and engaged local attorney Bob Winter to file a response to C. Ed Massey’s frivolous lawsuit on Monday, which has clearly been timed to disenfranchise voters and rob them of a true conservative choice on the ballot.

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